Hello everyone! This is the first of what will be (roughly) bi-weekly reports to keep the community in the loop about what the Zano team is currently working on. They will be shorter than the in-depth project updates that accompany major releases. So let’s begin…

Wrapped Zano

Wrapped Zano (wZano) will be an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. You’ll be able to swap Zano for wZano (and vice versa) at a 1:1 ratio after covering the transaction fees. Wrapping (swapping Zano to wZano) will take place within the Zano client, and Andrey’s made lots of progress with it. He’s also devised…

Atomic Swaps Hard Fork

Hi everyone. We’re very happy to report that the hard fork at the start of this month to activate Atomic Swaps on the Zano network was — aside from a minor hiccup with one mining pool — a complete success. Thanks to everyone for updating in a timely manner. Full details of the implementation can be found in our previous blog post. We’re incredibly excited to see what applications might be built around this new functionality and how it will help us form new connections with the wider crypto world.

Ongoing Privacy Research and Current Focus

Today we have reason to celebrate, because today is the Zano project’s second birthday! We’ve been so wrapped up in the Atomic Swaps release that we almost forgot about it. As part of our Birthday Week celebrations we’ll be hosting a quiz with prizes on our Discord server — more details in the next few days.

A lot has happened since the network went live and the first block was mined on May 8th 2019. From the mobile wallet and auditable wallets releases, the Dev Fund publication and Anton joining the team, up to the new Atomic Swaps release, we’ve…

Why go around when you can go through?

You’ve probably heard of the Suez Canal. Before the artificial waterway’s creation, European ships bringing textiles and spices from India had to navigate the infamous Cape Route — a 40-something day trip covering some 10,000-plus nautical miles. The canal’s opening provided a shortcut that trimmed more than 5000 miles and 10–12 days off the journey and ushered in a new era of maritime shipping. Less time at sea, less deaths from scurvy, less pirates, malnutrition, and hull-mangling storms. Progress.

And so here we find ourselves in 2021. Total crypto market capitalization has exceeded $2 trillion. PayPal is launching a crypto…

If you’re not familiar with theory of Atomic Swaps, we suggest you take a look at Part 1, before reading this article. In this part we’ll focus more on the technical details of Zano’s implementation.

Zano implementation

Compared to Bitcoin, Zano has a completely different code base, and even a different elliptical curve, but fortunately HTLCs allow us to organize atomic swaps between completely different projects. The only thing that they need to have in common is the hash function used in the HTLC. …

Season’s greetings all! Your hard-earned Zano can never be too well secured, so we're pleased to bring you news of the latest update to the Zano wallets (desktop and mobile) that adds an additional layer of protection for your funds.

What is a Secure Seed?

Seed phrases began their history back in 2013 with BIP39, and have since become widespread. In simple terms, the seed phrase is a “humanized” form of recording a secret key, which is encoded not with hex characters or some other complex encoding, such as wallet addresses, but with a set of words commonly used in human language (English words for…

A digital signature is a “virtual bond” of almost any blockchain project. The vast majority of projects use practically the same signature as used on the Bitcoin network (namely ECDSA on the curve secp256k1). However, for projects in which the privacy of users plays a significant role, the creation of a digital signature often turns into a complex acrobatic act based on the latest achievements in discrete mathematics and cryptography.

The fact is that unlike ordinary blockchain projects, where the transaction clearly indicates which coin from which wallet is being spent, privacy blockchains use different methods to obfuscate the “trace”…

We’re very excited to announce the latest Zano release and to give you all a little information on what’s new.

Auditable Wallets and Foundation Fund Transparency

In response to requests from our community, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the task of making the Zano Foundation Fund completely transparent. Obviously achieving this in a coin designed to be private by default isn’t an easy thing, and we spent several months working to find a solution.

Work began with sowle’s extensive investigation into the possible implementations, which he compared at length in his research paper. From these options, we chose what we believed…

Unlike traditional bitcoin-like blockchains, (where anyone can watch balances and track the movement of coins in any wallet) privacy blockchains are very difficult or even entirely impossible to view without special access keys. Nevertheless, there are cases in which someone needs to be able to disclose the balance and movement of funds to interested third parties, while not allowing access to spend their funds. Such functionality for Zano will be presented today.

We’re happy to announce that as of version Zano will feature auditable wallets.

Balance and transaction history of an auditable wallet can be tracked by a third…

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed the Zano team hasn’t had much news lately, but today we are excited to share three very important announcements!

New release with Auditable Wallets

First of all, we are excited to finally announce the release of the very important update, which implements the ability to create auditable wallets.

To put in simple terms, you are now able to create a special type of wallet — auditable wallet — and share a special tracking seed from it, which enables anyone that you share this tracking seed with to create a tracking wallet , this…


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